The year I called it a day on a 12 year relationahip. What ever hopes, dreams and plans I had for 2018, they all came to a pretty conclusive stop as I moved around looking for somewhere to call home and trying to stay emotionally afloat. 

It’s times like that where letting life do its thing rather than trying to be in control of it all has been helpful. Its has meant that many intentions have gone unactioned and for everyone that has affected, I’m truly sorry. 

I took chances in my life I never thought I would and I’m glad I did. I’m really thankful for everyone’s patience, support and space when I needed it the most. 

I stopped talking to many people i consider friends. The lack of willingness on my part of wanting to talk about what happened was not something I wanted to do on repeat and I’m really grateful I have friends who understood all I wanted was a hug and to know I could talk to them when I wanted. I’m really sorry the downside has been that for many of my friends it has meant I have been pretty silent. 

I hope to do better this year. 

I ended the year with a house I’m now calling home, surrounded by a group of friends, playing monopoly, and drinking tea. 

2018, you started with hopes that came crashing down one night. But you taught me that sometimes things come to its natural end. I called it a day on one chapter and it allowed me to open up another.  You taught me dynamics in a relationship can change and from darkness, friendships can bloom.

Thanks for the reminder that I can stand on my own two feet.