Convincing the world to care about their website health

This talk was built for WordCamp Dublin.

Explaining to clients that website maintenance is important is often met with resistance. Although maintenance is important, it often is confusing.

Jenny will be sharing with us her experience of changing the conversation to be more accessible to everyone.

She will share her experience of demysifying why site health checks are important, how to empower users to want to upgrade and what the WordPress community and developers can to make health checks more accessible for all.

This talk is part of our focus for Digital Citizenship Week, which coincides with WordCamp Dublin.

WordCamp Dublin 2019
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I recommend the post WordCamp Nordic : Getting Ready for PHP7.2 which has a bunch of resources for people who are looking to make sure their code is ready for more modern versions of PHP.

In this talk, I mention IRISSCON, and in particular Dr Jessica Barker’s talk The Human Nature of Cyber Security which can be found on YouTube.

Nearly all the talks from IRISSCON were really useful so if you have a moment, do check out the IRISSCON youtube channel and playlists.