Framing the diversity problem as a inclusivity problem

In the tech industry, we often talk and complain about the lack of diversity in our communities and rightly so. We also understand that we need to improve diversity in our sector. 

Diversity –noun
– the condition or fact of being different or variedvariety
genetic/biological diversity
a wide diversity of opinion/ideas
– social studies Diversity is also the mixture of races and religions that make up a group of people.

Cambridge Dictionary

If we look at what diversity means, I’m not sure we can make a community of people more diverse. If we look at the word inclusive, we find ourselves with a word that is more in line with what we, or at least what I, want and with something actually actionable. 

Inclusive – adjective 
– ​including everything or all types of people : 
The governments want to reach a settlement that is as inclusive as possible.

Cambridge Dictionary

By reframing the problem, we have a chance to find a solution that gives us the outcome we want. By picking a different word to use, we enable ourselves to ask the question – how do we make an inclusive community?

If we were talking about inclusive code then we would know the answer.

Build an accessible community

The reframing allows us to have an actionable thing to do. The great thing is that by having something actionable, we are more likely to see the outcome we want – a more diverse community. 

One example of this is in regards of event tickets. If we say “we have X about of diversity tickets, we are saying we have tickets for people who are different. We remind the minority that they are different. Its not as if minorities need reminding of that fact.

When we choose to say “we have X about of inclusive tickets”, we are from the outset telling the reader that everyone is welcome to attend.

By switching the content to highlight inclusivity, people just might feel like they are welcome to become a part of industry and community.