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The Power of Being New – notes

On 23rd September 2015 I spoke at PHPconf.Asia. For once, I actually wrote my speech before I did the slides. Here is the planned transcript. You will have to wait for the video to come out to see how close I kept to it. 🙂 If you were at the event, please leave me feedback… Read More

Because 140 characters is not enough.

If you don’t know already, I am one of the organisers of PHPNW conference which is held every year on the first weekend of October. I am still in conference mode as there are people flying out of Manchester today. In fact the reason why I up at this unnatural hour is because I’m just… Read More

WordPress Migrations

Scenario: You have to move a site from one server to the other and in the process you think great, I’ll make it (a little) more secure by not using the default prefixes. Later down the line you realise person X has been update the wrong server version and you have to migrate the data… Read More