TIL: Travelling I Learnt – Tech Gear Tips

Since joining the company, I have been travelling way more than I ever thought I would. In this time I have learnt a couple of things to keep myself sane whilst on the move. Here is a list of things that have helped me on the way. By all means, this is not ever going… Read More

There is always a choice

When im travelling i often find myself staring into the distance and blanking out. Its a great way to relax but it’s also when anything can pop into your head.  Sometimes i catch myself watching a rerun of what was the worse day in my professional life. I will watch as a former version of… Read More

Today at word camp Denmark they ran a live coding session and Ebenezer though i was per warned that they wanted to use the fact I fixed their word camp site over beers at their social  the evening before to be used as an example and vreak yhe first question ice.  Yet when they incurred… Read More