Because 140 characters is not enough.

If you don’t know already, I am one of the organisers of PHPNW conference which is held every year on the first weekend of October.

I am still in conference mode as there are people flying out of Manchester today. In fact the reason why I up at this unnatural hour is because I’m just back from an airport run. The speaker in question is actually going to fly back home and go straight to work. Hardcore.

I have been off twitter for the last 12 hours whilst i’ve co-ordinated pick ups and I have just caught up with the insane love that has been said during that time. I wanted to reply to everyone’s tweets but 140 characters is not enough for an over-sharer like me.

Delegates Make a Conference

I truly can’t think of a way good enough way to thank all the delegates for coming to our conference and making PHPNW what it has become. Some people will think we are just being nice when we say this but you really do. The PHPNW community is why I am a web developer.

Those days when I think I am rubbish at what I do as a developer are short lived as delegates share their experiences in the hallway track. You all pick me up and make me feel like I can and will become a better developer.

I find it insane that people are willing to come to our conference in Manchester from all over the UK and further a field. Because of that I want to make sure that every second of the conference is worth your time and money.

The Conference Halo Effect

As a organiser we always want to up our game. There is undoubtedly a bunch of stuff that wasn’t completely to your liking or you thought:

 It would been useful if there was a {blank} because {blank}.


I saw {blank} which was {blank}

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t think we can ever cater to every single person’s preferences, but I do think there are things we can improve on for next year. I myself already have a list in my head of things to watch out for.

Don’t believe me? Last night, I spent the evening with stragglers at a pub and asked each person in turn to name the best thing about the conference and the worse thing.

Without hesitation, everyone said that the people who came to the conferences was the highlight. When it came to naming a lowlight, people umm-ed and arr-ed about an answer. When they really thought about it, they came up with annoyances such as the uncon room being hidden away and the fact there was no maps anywhere for the floor layout so they sometimes felt lost.

This as an organiser is gold dust.

I am truly grateful for all the positive feedback you are all giving and am eager to start planning #PHPNW14, but I need your criticism so that next year is better than this.

Plan of Action

This includes delegates, speakers, volunteers and sponsors:

Please don’t stop giving positive feedback, after all this is what makes me feel like ” Lets go and do it again!”. But, if you can, please try and give one lowlight so that we as conference organisers can gather information on what we can do to improve next year’s conference.

On you can give feedback to the speakers, but also to the socials and the conference in general. If you want, you can even leave the lowlights anonymously. What ever you do, do not feel bad for giving lowlights.

You are the people who make this conference and have evolved the conference to be the thing we all love and cherish today.

Join in and help us make PHPNW14 even better!

Till next year (or the next user group meet up)!

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