Today at word camp Denmark they ran a live coding session and Ebenezer though i was per warned that they wanted to use the fact I fixed their word camp site over beers at their social  the evening before to be used as an example and vreak yhe first question ice. 

Yet when they incurred me out to the front, instead of being prepared and cool about it, i responded with muttering fgs under my breath. Being in a univery audtorium, everyone heard and eiple laufhed. But I’m really disappointed that i was so rudw about it. 

If i can’t be proud of the fact i hot fixed a bunch of issues which has made a site better then how can i expect to show others to have confidence in their work too? 

When i see someone I can relate to being strong on stage, then I feel like i can aim for that too. 

Instead today, i missed a opportunity to pay it forward. 

Note to self: give yourself a break and be proud of your achievements- no matter how big or small.